Information about Malware, Viruses, and Spyware

The bad guys are very clever. They will make free games, screen savers, coupon tool bars, and free programs that promise to “fix” your computer, and lace them with infectious material. Why? It’s almost always financially motivated. For example, a coupon toolbar that promises to save someone thousands also contains a fake anti-virus program that attempts to trick one into believing that they have hundreds of problems with their PC that legitimately do not exist. According to the program, when one purchases the software, everything returns back to normal. Just enter the credit card information. We greatly discourage this.

Keep Java and Flash Updated

If you use the internet, you use Java, even though you may not realize it. Java is typically something that criminals will try to exploit to infect your computer. When Oracle/Sun Microsystems (the people who develop Java) discover that their software has been compromised, they issue an update to fix the issue. Unfortunately most people ignore the prompts to update their Java, and get infected.