When you purchase a new Lenovo computer from us, we want it to be like getting a new car with a full tank of gas so that all you have to do is get behind the wheel and drive. But perhaps you have purchased another name brand of computerfrom somewhere else, and need a little help getting started. We can also help you with that.

We'll Save Your Stuff

Let’s say that you’ve purchased a new computer to replace an older one. Even if you’ve been told that’s its not repairable or it will not start, the chances are incredibly good that we can transfer your important data onto your new computer. Things like pictures, documents, music, videos and data from programs like Quicken, Turbo Tax, and Family Tree Maker will appear where you would expect to find them on your new computer.

Out With The Junk

With the exception of Lenovo, most every manufacturer will install many unnecessary applications, some of which we refer to as 'Trailware'. Trialware is software that you try for awhile, and then purchase should you decide that it is useful. We eliminate the Trialware and in those incidences where it would have been useful, we replace it with the free equivalents that we have tested and know to be safe and effective. For example, Norton’s is a very expensive anti-virus program that will be installed on many new computers that you would need to purchase, and renew every year like a magazine subscription. Avast is the free equivalent that we would install and configure to protect your system as well if not better than Norton’s.

Let's Bring It Up To Date

Technology changes quicker than you might think. Between the time that a new computer leaves the factory and arrives in your hands, several updates have been issued from Microsoft and other software vendors such as Adobe and Java. Leaving your operating system and these third party applications outdated makes you vulnerable right out of the gate. We bring your new computer completely up to date, and configure it to help you keep it that way.

Let's Keep You Safe!

We want you to be protected. We’ll install and properly configure two programs that will help keep you safe. Avast is a free anti-virus / anti-spyware program that does everything on its own. Without you telling it to anything, it will update itself with the latest virus definitions, and then perform a full scan on your system, everyday. It’s also constantly monitoring what’s going on in your operating system, ready to leap into action whenever something dangerous is about to happen.

The second program is called Malwarebytes, worth it’s weight in gold. This program prevents you from accidently visiting a drive-by site. This is how 90% of our client’s get infected. A drive-by site is a website that all you have to do is visit, and it infects you. You don’t even have to click on anything or download anything. Criminals are clever, and have created drive-by sites about cheesecake recipes, travel arrangements and biblical research because they know that’s what you’ll be researching. Malwarebytes is very effective in preventing you from visiting one of these sites. In fact, if you accidently stumble across one of these sites, Malwarebytes won't let you go. No matter how hard you try, Malwarebytes prevents you from visiting that site.It doesn’t ask you 'Do you want to go, yes or no?' It’s like a good parent, the answer is 'No!'

We’ll install and properly configure both of these programs that we have thoroughly tested to help keep your computer safe.

What Else Might You Need?

When we optimize a new computer, we install and properly configure programs that we have thoroughly tested and sincerely believe you will find useful.

Libre Office: Unless you have presented a computer that we can extract a valid product key for Microsoft Office from, we will install and properly configure Libre Office, which is the free equivalent to Microsoft Office. Libre Office will open, edit and save documents, spreadsheets and presentations in Microsoft format. Except it’s free. Many of our college students prefer Libre Office over Microsoft Office for its functionality.

CCleaner: Once we have properly configured this program, with the click of one button it will keep your systems hard drive clean. It removes unwanted Temporary Internet Files, History, Cookies and other clutter that accumulates everyday that you use your computer. It’s also free.

Computer Dave Rescue Calling Card: You know we have a 100% guarantee on our work right? Just in case you get your new computer home and have any questions or problems, we install a program on your system that with your permission, allows your computer to be connected with ours. It’s just like one of our Technicians are sitting there next to you. We will be able to see what’s on the screen, move your cursor, and do whatever necessary to help you out. This service is absolutely free for the first 30 days after we have finished the work.

We also install utilities that help you create and copy CD’s and DVD’s, play DVD movies. Ask a Computer Dave Technician for details.

Time For A Test Drive

After we have optimized your new computer, we will sit down with you in our showroom and (with your new computer plugged up and turned on) we’ll show you all of the work we have preformed. We want you to be comfortable with your new computer before you get it home, and have the opportunity to have any questions answered.

We Guarantee It!

We are the only repair service in town with a 100 % guarantee. If you are not absolutely satisfied with any part of our work, we make it right at no additional cost to you, period. In addition to that, if you have any questions or problems, you just call our cell phone number. You’ll get Computer Dave or one of our knowledgeable technicians, not a call center or a robot. We even have the ability to connect our two systems together over the Internet should you need us.

Get the Computer Dave Experience.

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