Lenovo Laptops & Desktops

Getting a new Lenovo from Computer Dave is different than getting a new computer anywhere else.

We want to make the experience more like getting a new car with a full tank of gas. You just get behind the wheel, turn the keys and you’re good to go.

What this means is that we fully optimize your new Lenovo with everything you need and remove the nonsense that you don’t want. We install all the protection that you need to keep you safe and configure that protection to do its job without being told. We install utilities to keep your system clean and updated and transfer important data from the old computer to the new one.

Most importantly, we sit down with you when you come to pick it up and spend as much time as necessary showing you what we did and what you need to do to get the most out of your new Lenovo.

Nobody else has the Computer Dave Rescue Calling Card, which we install on every new Lenovo. If you have a question or a problem, the Rescue Calling Card allows your computer to connect with ours so that we can see what’s on your screen and move your mouse, like we are sitting there next to you. This is free for the first 90 days that you own your new Lenovo.

Small fact: Computer Dave had an IBM laptop (called a ThinkPad) for nine years. Also, out of all of the new Lenovo’s that Computer Dave has sold since 2012, there has been less than a 1% failure rate. Of that 1%, Lenovo resolved the issues, no questions asked.

IBM and Lenovo are regarded as a business class machine. You’ll find several of your local businesses depending on Lenovo, many of which were made available by Computer Dave. Moonlight Barbecue, Midwest Ears Nose & Throat, Industrial Mold, Welborn’s Florists, Smith Hearing Center, and Poole’s Pharmacy are just a few. That’s why we bring this time-proven dependability to our customers.

Computer Parts

We Have What You Need

The approach we’ve taken with our inventory is simple. We carry the most common computer parts and accessories you’ll need that you most likely won’t find anywhere else in the area.

For example, we’re the only shop in town that has a wide selection of “Ethernet cards”. We don’t carry items that are readily available from other businesses in town, such as batteries for laptops.

100% Guarantee

Of course we back up all of our parts and accessories with our 100% guarantee.  If you buy something from us and it doesn’t meet your expectations, just bring it back for an exchange or full refund, no questions asked.

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